Official Videoclip

The Hornets - You are Wonderful
The Hyde - Muttering Retreats
Steven Spite - 4u2
Giuseppe Torrente - There's no time
Wandering In Fate - Checkers
La Familia Loca vs Gabry Ponte - Imaginate
The Urban Love - Not Easy Thing
Gigi de Martino feat. Dani Galenda - My Friends
The Urban Love - Fight the King
Stefania Tasca - Studio Cover - Somebody to Love - Queen
The Hyde - Me And Charline
La Terza Cifra - Senza pensarci
Cry Excess - Shapeshifters

Video Events

VNV Nation-Destroid-Blume + Aftershow @Audiodrome
99 Posse - Confusione Totale
Twisted Transistor - 'Get up' live @ Audiodrome
Italian Tattoo Artists 2012 - Trailer